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due South Stories

Slush Short, gen, Vecchio. May 2003, 14K.

The End of the Road The obligatory post-Call of the Wild story. Long, and not especially cheery. February 2003, 650K.

Heavy Bag Ray goes to the gym and tries to work some stuff out.  May 2001, 56K.

ExecutorWelsh and a pile of papers, late at night. Death story. December 2000, 53K

Deep EndA happy little Ray-and-Fraser-in-Florida story. November 2000, 29K

Roots RainFraser broods, in the aftermath of a case gone wrong. June 2000, 63 K

Highlander Stories
The Outside MemberA little Methos Christmas story. September 2000, 28K

September SongA conversation at the end of the millennium. November 1999, 60K

StrataDuncan and Methos at the Grand Canyon. Much conversation, a little sex, some scenery, no plot. Minor sap warnings. Rated NC-17 for m/m sex; no minors, please. July 1999, 70K

The Parting GlassA companion piece of sorts to "Last Set Before Closing," taking place a number of years earlier. April 1999, 108K

The Kindest MortalsTwo guys sitting around in the bar talking, after the end of The Modern Prometheus. (No, not those two guys.) January 1999, 42K

One for the RoadA Methos-in-flight vignette. December 1998, 35K

Last Set Before ClosingA Joe story, set perhaps twenty years in the future. April 1998, 50K

Hard Core Logo Stories

XeriscapeSeveral years after the end of the film, John and Billy talk about some old business. August 2000, 135K

Moonlight MileJoe drives and thinks about stuff, the night before Edmonton. June 2000, 20K
     Debchan made me a lovely cover for this story--thanks so much, Deb!


X-Files Stories

Motel, 3 a.m. and Coming to ThisTwo very short Mulder/Krycek pieces--outtakes from an unfinished novel. November 1997

RevenantCrossover with Millennium. Mulder goes to Seattle to consult on a case and ends up working with Frank Black. November 1997, 48 K

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